New GX: Ekrano GX


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If anyone wants to upgrade to this new one, I’ll buy a good second hand Cerbo :smiley:

I’ve seen a preproduction unit in the flesh. This is a seriously nice piece of kit!

One nice thing on the back is that you can disable/enable touch. Very nice function!
I wonder if you can customize the touch part. Something like admin rights.
Something that can be customize by the installer, to only let the user go to certain menus. Or all, but he/she can’t change settings?

That’s also available on the Cerbo, with Venus 3.00. You can configure one of the digital inputs as a touch enable input. The action is momentary, so you use either a push button, or if you use a keyswitch (like the kind used in elevators), it has to be momentary action.

At the moment it is all or nothing. It disables everything, or nothing. You can use the existing user level configuration to hide some things from some users.

It is stored as a setting, which you can access via mqtt too. In other words, you can lock and unlock the screen via mqtt.

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