New from Pretoria

Hallo Everybody

I was introduced to this forum by TTT and have read already a little bit some of the threads. We are in our 5th year of off-grid.

The system:

10kW MicroCare inverter
3X 60A MC MPPT Chargers
20kW SolaMD batteries
9kW Renewsys PV panels (33 panels)
1x 7kVA back-up generator
Problems to date: None

We are busy building a house for my son and his wife on the farm and by choice will also install solar. Everything points to Victron at this stage and I will need advice in the next months to come.

Any way, below my DIY installation of our MC system.

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Welcome @Louis! Looking forward to your posts.

Why not consider one system for both houses (you are on a farm so possible I’m sure)?


Thanks for the wellcome.

It was a thought at some stage. The only reasons I can think off are:

  1. Houses are a 100m apart.
  2. trenching in our rocky ground is….difficult
  3. managing peak loads will be interesting (I heat up 3 geysers every day.

I guess in such a setup 30kW of batteries should do for a start, but the inverter will have to be bigger.