New BlueNova HC batteries any good?

Has anybody used BlueNova recently? If so, are they any good?
I last used one quite a few years ago and wasn’t very impressed, but supposedly they have now
developed their own BMS and supposedly they are much better now, but I would like to hear from somebody who has actually used one.
I recently saw this video where they mention a new HC battery, which can handle a 1C charge and discharge, which is what has made me curious about them again.

I remember their first batteries, and they were indeed not very good.

From a protocol standpoint, the new ones are much better. I also heard they got much better funding in recent years. Unlike other brands, I don’t hear constant questions about overvoltage alarms and cell imbalances and the like. From that perspective they seem like a solid option.

But you wanted to hear from someone who’s used one. And I haven’t. So I cannot really help :slight_smile:

Thanks @plonkster , at least you did have something useful to add. If their BMS actively changes the charging current and/or voltage targets to prevent trips and alarms then they will already be much better than a lot of batteries out there.

I don’t know if their BMS uses a dynamic voltage. Very few do. If you however assemble the battery from balanced cells, then this isn’t as big a deal. A lot of the trouble I’ve experienced with other brands are due to initial imbalances in brand new batteries.

Lately I also see a new trend: Instead of opening a contactor or some hard disconnect, battery makers block charge and discharge. The batteries have two directional switches (they likely use MOSFETs of course) and the battery can stop charge from entering the cells without completely disconnecting from the DC bus. Of course this can cause a high DC ripple in some cases, but at least it is stable and doesn’t switch off your power.

Some manufacturers go even further, since they have overvoltage protection built in, they never raise a high voltage alarm. They simply block charge and then they don’t care what you do on your side of the DC bus. The upside to this: No complaints from customers over alarms and stuff.

Yesterday I finished testing a battery branded BSLBATT. I am really impressed by that battery. No dynamic voltage control, but the charge voltage is set to 54.5V which is so low that you probably don’t need it. Does perfect charge/discharge current control, and simply blocks charge/discharge when you have a high or a low cell. The only alarm it raises is a low voltage warning/alarm.

I also heard it is less expensive than the other “value king” we usually fit in SA… time will tell :slight_smile:

Inherited a system recently with these batteries, were surprised at how much the approved since the first lot. They claim to have sorted their comms, I haven’t tested that yet.

Was it one of these?

Powerwalls, Powerwalls Products, Powerwalls Manufacturers, Powerwalls Suppliers and Exporters - Powerwall | The BSLBATT Home Battery (

Good to see more competition in the space – hopefully drives down prices.

It looks like it is assembled locally in South Africa, but the BMS and cells are supplied by the company you listed. I also see someone called Backbone Energy on Facebook, and the batteries they have on that page looks visually exactly the same, though I do not know if there is any association.


I have seen a few different brands of batteries that look exactly like that.

Does “Back” ring a bell? And they play with the Hubble a lot lately…

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I asked on Facebook. Yes, it is a BSLBATT. I know who brings them into the country (someone else), so they are probably reselling these.

Hi I have a 4k and an 8k of the BlueNova Batteries.
Haven’t had one day of problem on them, the service and after sale service was excellent, they just quietly do their job.
I don’t know any technical details, you will have to contact them for that… I just plugged them in and forget about them for about 7-8 months now. Works seamlessly with the Victron MultiplusII

Thanks @PlanB, that is good news.
I remember their batteries giving lots of problems about 4 or 5 years ago and we just stopped using them.
Then at one stage they mentioned that they were developing their own BMS and it would solve all the problems, but I have never seen one with the new BMS so I didn’t know if it really is better or not.

Tickle me surprised.
After seeing someone on another forum planning to install Blue Nova batteries I just had to ask him whether he was aware of the C10 situation, that he must take it in to account when comparing with other brands, Freedom Won in his case.

He wasn’t aware of it, but sent me the spec sheet of the new HC battery he will be getting.

All rated for C2 now it seams HC Product Range | BlueNova

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