** NEW Apexium DIY 280Ah stand**

APEXIUM 48V 51.2v 280ah DIY stand now available!

Battery box 48V/51.2V configurations, these kits come complete with a durable metal box and all the necessary hardware Built-in 48V 200A BMS, which offers extensive features such as Bluetooth support, software compatibility, Can/RS485 function for widely brands inverters communication, and even optional heating. With these advanced capabilities, assembling your solar battery system has never been easier.

Price : $2320 all inclusive!

Please feel free to contact me if interested :smiley:
Email : Johnathan@apexiumtech.com
Whatsapp : +86 188 1907 6034

@TheTerribleTriplet , it has wheels… easy to push into the pool if the smoke comes out!

Spec sheets, warranties, ex SA prices?

Hi @DaveSA thanks for responding . All our products has a 10 year warranty and the price is all inclusive in the total amount however local delivery would be arranged on your side. I would suggest courier guy, all our products are well packaged too. I have attached the data sheets of the product.
51.2V280Ah立式锂离子电池技术规格书(EN).pdf (1.8 MB)