**NEW Apexium 12v Life po4 batteries with BMS!

Introducing 12v 100Ah,200Ah and 300ah with BMS!

Prices as follows :

100Ah - $200
200Ah - $300
300Ah - $400

Prices includes shipping to our Warehouse in South Africa

For more information feel free to contact me
Email : Johnathan@apexiumtech.com


Can you post a spec sheet with BMS make and model please?

@mmaritz thank you for responding :smiley:

Here is the specs, it is our Apexium BMS

Rated Voltage 12.8V
Rated Capacity 100Ah
Combination 4S1P
Cells model EVE LF100LA
Consistent discharge current ≤50A
Max. pulse discharge current ≤100A
Charge Temperature 0~45℃
Discharge Temperature -20~60℃
Communication RS485,Bluetooth
Size 32.917.221.4(CM)
Weight 12KG

Apexium 100Ah BMS Specs :

Model 16S 100A
Battery type and serial number LFP(16S/15S)
Version 10E V16
Continuously charging/discharging current 100A
Communication protocol CANBUS/RS485
Working Temperature -20℃-70℃
Parallel connection Max 15pcs
Working mode power consumption <40mA
Sleeping mode power consumption 0uA
Remaining capacity protection 5%
Over current protection 110A
APP IOS/Android
PC software use RS485 adaptor

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Can the BMS manage series connection for these batteries?

Yes it can.

Wow. Sounds like a great deal then. $400x4 for a 15kWh pack…