Na-ion batteries

I’m considering waiting on these to become available in the next couple of years before upgrading my system. Much more environmentally friendly, safer, longer cycle life, and projected to be 1/3rd of the cost of Lithium, albeit 30% less energy dense. Sounds great for grid storage. With the lifetime of a LifePO4 battery being around 10 years it may be obsolete long before that.

Probably a good few years before they are really practical. I can only find CATL and Faradion cells on the market at the moment. Both around 30% cheaper than LiFe, but with half the cycle life. So more expensive in the long run.

There are some prototypes now that look much better, but will probably only hit the market in 2-3 years at best (and then a few more years for volume production to bring the price down).

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Well, I would also love to start seeing these in the market, but BluRay vs HD-DVD situation can play out.
(Or Betamax vs VHS, chose your age).

It will come down to the “industry” and the investment brigade. If you have now sunk a bit of money into Lithium Mining (think most car manufacturers) what options would you consider?

On the other hand, the exciting news:

Now JAC is bringing in vehicles to SA (Some electric Trucks already here and then a bakkie coming June/July).

BAIC being the luxury JAC (through partnership), bought over the old GM factory in PE and the rumour is this is to advance their EV offerings…

So IF some car manufacturers start doing Na-Ions, then those “used” cells if still viable will end up in our homes… By the time Lithium start popping the Na-Ions can possibly be available.

But with a payback of <7 years, buying Lithium now and recycling them in 15years, not a bad investment (Yes, I am putting my money on most batteries [50%+] will be lasting around 15 years if not longer).

[2nd opinion, the battery will outlast most Sunsynk units!]

Open to taking bets on this one!

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Yea, I’m not taking that bet. :grin:
Edit: That is in the context I know, being Victron and how long the batts will last vs the inverter.

Must say, since 2008 I have read of new batt tech coming … some imminent … yet in 2023 all that we really got mass production was Lithiums with lead acid still going quite strong.

So nope, I’m not holding my breath at all anymore on “new batt tech”.

It will come when it comes.