My Victron journey has started

Hi guys,

So my long awaited Victron journey took off.

2 x Victron Multiplus II 48/5000 in parallel
1 x Victron SmartSolar RS 450/200
2 x Solar MD 14.3kWh batteries
28 x 400W IBC panels
9kva Briggs and Stratton generator

We connected the system on Thursday 24 Nov '22 @ 18:30

Must say that I am impressed.


Making me smile all the way.


Thanks for the “show and tell” @Peyper

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Next step is to relocate all those chemicals above my equipment…
Also connected my 9kva Gennie

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This was @ 14:17 today.
Me happy face

How are the savings looking… Consumption vs Grid stats? :grinning:

This was now at 15:41

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Running one aircon at night and 4kw geyser from 04:30 - 05:30 every morning

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Your installation looks good. I like it.

I have to ask, who are we?

Good Evening , can you please help me , i also want to start installing my own stuff, how is the 400w ibc panels, i want to install inverter and bateries but need help

Hi, I’m only one week into this journey and I am very very happy with the panels.
Regarding installation, do your homework and make use of an installer. I bought all the equipment myself and got a very experienced installer to do it for me.
Contact me via WhatsApp if you have any other questions 071 255 1977 (I’m abroad out at sea)

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Stunning. Will the system auto start the genny or will you be handling that yourself?

Thanks, manual change over.