My Micro grid system

For a complete view of my system, just ask. Basically it’s a Micro grid on BYD batteries consisting of panels, an 8kVA Quattro and a Fronius on the Quattro AC1 output.

I just received my latest battery additions, 16kWh (12 realistically) for a total of 24kWh capacity for now. I also just got the active cooling components for my MPPT cooler, more on this later.


The twin towers, total usable is 24kWh.


I can already see your active cooling choice there, and a very good one as well.
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Thank you Sir!

For ease of reference, this orientation picture here:

Will post up some new stuffs later….

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Yes! The famous “MPPT on it’s side” system, welcome! :smiley:

You sir are an inspiration.


@Sarel.Wagner also has good networking taste! UniFi all the way.

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May I ask why you chose the BYD batteries? They seem quite expensive if you take the price/kWh.

A bit more expensive yes. I detest cables. The interconnect for the modules are build in, this is both for power connections and comms cables. Simply stack a module and be done. This way the currents are handled in the shortest possible routing internally. BYD makes the cells and the BMS and does all the integration and certifications. The BMS being as important as the cells, ensure a good life. There is a 10 year warranty on the packs if not abused. Also there is proper integration with Victron for the ESS. As you can see, each tower is connected to the busbars with 70mm cables.

The current config of 2 towers can deliver 512A continually, see below.

With dual 8kV Quattros (future expansion) we can theoretically draw almost 700 Amps at 48V. With the single Quattro that is a peak of 350A or normally 130A for 6.5kVA. I prefer, for longevity sake, to reduce that draw to a lower level. Also during winter months, my goal of 0% Utility use will need a 3rd tower.

AAAa nice. Another person that is using Shelly stuff. We did a group order on black Friday from Shelly in Bulgaria. 7 days later order was delivered. Was really impress. Our 4th order from them in 2 years time.

My stuff that I got from the order to add to my other Shelly’s I already got.

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As it would be, in the past few weeks, some bits arrived to complete some things. The mini Noctua fans and fan controller, 3 big battery switches and a smaller one to isolate the MPPT and active cooling system. Also my 48V bulkheads for the 48V leds arrived.

Also in there was 2 x Shelly 3EM units to properly monitor my consumption of various things and integrate into my Home Assistant system.

Its a 13mm socket with those switches, the red one is huge.

Some of the active cooling components.

The Shelly monitor is bottom left, still unmounted. It is wifi capable so will be hidden behind the cover.

Shelly, Philips Hue, Sonoff, Xiaomi and Tuya stuff over here. Shelly and Tuya is nice, don’t like the Sonoff as much but hey they do work and are not expensive.

I want in next time please!

Same here please!

And the system is performing nicely, the ESS system keeps my Utility consumption at 0….
From HA system, my self consumption is good as well.

The Micro grid works well, throttles output of the Fronius according demand. Even during overcast weather, we get enough Solar to run everything, yay!


I will keep you guys up to date when we place a order again.

I’m still curious. Why place the MPPT on its side?

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That was an unfortunate oversight by the guy that did the final install, sparky, but there were not really enough space for the wires and the switch to fit and he did not want to take a chance. I ask him to leave some space for the battery to MPPT disconnect below the MPPT as I could not get any stock locally and placed the order overseas. When I got back the layout was committed and cables terminated. So I left it like that.

Received disconnect switch this week only, logistics nightmare.


So I got some temp data. The temp sensor is screwed directly to the MPPT heatsink and covered by tape to shield it from ambient for the most accurate coupling.

With the active cooling starting about mid Nov. Previously to my passive mod, the temps measured manually were sometimes over 70Celcius.

Edit: The rating is up to 60degC without throttling, that said, I prefer electronics as low as possible, especially for the capacitors lifetime to not be compromised. Also the silicon failure mode is almost always due to physically cracking due to expansion and contraction by the heat cycling.

Would be interesting to hear why you have the Fronius in your system rather than another Quattro, is there a specific use / reason for it, or is that simply how the cookie crumbled and things progressed over time?