My "man cupboard" and the MLT installation

Hey Guys,

Just some pics of the progress on my batteries and inverter installation.

Firstly my father-in-law and I put some casters on the battery cabinet and inverter to help with moving them.

This is the cupboard at the start - definitely needing some TLC.

After tiling to match the tiles in our passage way:

I removed the shelves to make space for a more sturdy shelf to put the inverter on - emphasis on STURDY - this Powerstar is really heavy!

Kallie Geldenhuys did the wiring to the DB, but the inverter had a problem so it needed to go to MLT Drives to be repaired:

Deon van Rooi made this frame for me to secure the new shelf:
mlt8 (1)

The shelf is in and the Powerstar is back from MLT Drives and working great.

Lastly, I put in a length of angle iron, just to be sure that the inverter can’t be rolled off the front of the shelf.

Thanks to everyone that helped me with this project. A big thank-you to @JN.V for letting me know about the advert for the Pylontech batteries, and to @Gman, @JacoDeJongh, @Stanley for all the advice and discussions.

I am also very grateful to MLT Drives and Kallie for the support in repairing and installing the inverter, and to Deon for making the iron frame to support the shelf.

A special thanks again to @Gman and @JacoDeJongh for your efforts to come out and help me - I really appreciate all that you both did to help.

In short, thanks everyone for the help! :+1: :+1:

Next on the to-do list … solar panels! :smiley:


Great Job. That angle iron is worth its weight in gold, I’m pretty sure the inverter would have fallen on some ones foot in the future without it. :smile: :smile:

Glad I can help and glad that your setup is up and running, just in time to. Now you just need to add solar to the setup.

@Whatyamacallit hahahahah!! jip, that 78kg chunk of transformer inverter is heavy. I got two of them on a shelf that I over engineered to keep that 160kg in place.

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Please please put something on the shelf to make it TTT-proof. IF that was my setup the inverter will roll off. I swear.

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There is a 25x25x3 length of angle iron in the front of the shelf to stop it rolling off. You can see it in the last picture.