My little blender

Man, my Goodwe 4.6 kW inverter keeps surprising me, but in a very good way.

On Saturday it mixed up a very nice cocktail of watts, to satisfy my temporary high demand of 10.2kW :smile:

10Kw demand! That’s huge!

What was all switched on? But yes, the blender is definitely doing what it should. :slight_smile:

If I remember correctly, the aircon was on and my wife was busy in the kitchen, plus the washing machine was busy running.

We have tried to get into the habit of moving all heavy loads to the early afternoon, as the batteries are all fully charged by then and we have excess solar production available

Am I reading this correctly - the inverter supplied 8674W? I have never seen a 5048ES do that. I have only seen it blend a total of 4600W - regardless of the mix. I suspect this is a measuring/reporting artefact; SEMS does some averaging and I suspect they are averaging the values independently.

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I heard it will switch off if you exceed its capacity, even if the grid is available. It differs from the Multi in this respect. The Multi will just take the difference from the grid, and if the grid fails and you are overdoing it… it overloads and THEN switches off.

But I would not mind being wrong. I do like to be informed, so if this is incorrect… you have to tell me :slight_smile:

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The Goodwe has the ability to push excess solar production back onto the non essential side.

No it disconnects if you exceed the transfer relay capacity - it might be 6900VA (or more precisely 30A)?


I know, but the output stage is limited to 4600W/5100VA.

If excess solar is available, then it will not switch off, but once you exceed the 4600w on essential and there is no solar production, then it will switch off.

This is the main reason why I am busy replacing the Goodwe with a Sunsynk 8kW, so that the system can handle high load spikes during the evening.

Solar-shop explains it better than I could - Hybrid Solar Inverter

“2) Yes, max AC power on the inverter output is 4.6kW. This output is where your connect your essential loads and these cannot exceed a simultaneous draw of 4.6kW. The non-essential loads will still benefit from any excess solar power through the Goodwe’s grid-tie function.”

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I’m fairly sure that the limit is not 4.6kW, but 30A. Would you be able to test the limit?

We can definitely try this weekend :+1:

One aircon and washing machine in my case is less than 1Kw (unless you’re doing warm water washing from the geyser)

Your wife had to be doing some serious cooking.

Mine also does ironing in the kitchen though and sometimes the oven, microwave and air fryer runs simultaneously - never ending battle. I’ve given her certain slots during which she may “gaan bos”

Although we converted the hob to gas, we left the oven electric, as my wife likes baking.
I did not want to even try getting her to switch to baking with gas.

Did you manage to test this over the weekend?

Unfortunately not, as Jaco’s Pretoria team helped me out and replaced the Goodwe with my new SunSynk 8K on Friday. The Goodwe is now back in his box, pending its relocation to my daughter’s house, later this year.

Sorry for being slightly of topic, but this is not bad for an inverter that’s rated and designed to do a maximum of 3000W!

Panels nice and cool after the rain and the sun just came out. I’ve seen it peek for a split second above 4Kva!

I suppose it can do this when lots of the power is not actually being inverted, but used to charge the batteries?

Very nice feeling when you get to see the occasional burst of maximum energy being produced.

Oh yessss!

Great numbers but… you do have 4980w of PV array! Your PV is actually a bit low and I wonder if the MPPT’s or even the batteries (max charge current) are limiting the MPPT max yield a bit. Given you have a cool sunny day. How the the strings configured and do you have some PV graphs to share please. Could be interesting.

Aside: At one stage @TheTerribleTriplet labeled my little 600w system as “The Draadkar” - could also produce way over the limit at times. Cloud effect is also a huge bonus when records are the objective :wink: