My latest convenience project

My latest convenience project at home. My “living space controller”. A sonoff 4ch to control a ceiling fan. Yes i know they make the ifan, but im not a fan of adding remotes to my house im never going to use. The fan came with a wall switch. So i could use the original capacitor for the speed control. The 2 added wires are to keep.the WAF alive. I use a “bell press switch” to control it from the wall switch. The other 3 sonoff minis are to control the lights in the area. And finally some CAT5 from the controller to the wall switch.


Cool well done! Slippery slope you are going toward , but enjoy the ride as it almost never ends.

Thanks Paul, i know, this is the latest in a house full of IOT projects, ive been in the rabbit hole for a while now.

Very cool.
Where does the box live? In the roof? (I assume it needs to be somewhere close to where the original power lines ran)

Why not just replace the switches?

Box lives in the roof. Next to the conduit that runs down to the wall switch. So pulled the power cabkes back.i to the roof. Connected to and ran the CAT5 back down to the switches

@calypso replace the switches with what? Are you referring to touch type smart switches? Im not a fan. They are ugly and I prefer physical feedback when using a switch. Also my wife is not a fan of them. Happy wife. Happy life