My Hexing went into Tamper mode (back feed)

My Hexing 310p meter went into tamper mode as I accidentally back fed some power. Now it disconnected the supply via contactor.
Its not prepaid but normal pay as you use one.

Does anyone know the tamper reset token / code I can use in order to clear the tamper condition?

The reset token is usually generated by some algorithm for your meter (ie specific to the serial number of the meter), and your supplier will have to “vend” such a token to clear the condition. In other words, you will have to make up some kind of excuse as to how it happened…

If your supplier doesn’t have some issue with solar installations, you could probably just come clean and tell him what you did.

its COJ meter :expressionless:

Thanks Izak, I’ll see how it goes

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Blame load shedding :wink: Say you think the load shedding trip the unit out.

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Awesome idea! :smiley:

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