My First Faulty Pylontech (Great Support from Supplier!)

I have a client with a Axpert, recently we replaced his Omnipower Gells with US2000 Pylons. Within the first week or so after installing we realised that the Axpert was charging at very erratic voltages. All attempts to adjust the Charge Voltage failed, we even involved Centurion Solar as the RaspPi was supplied by them. After some more tests we concluded that the Charge controller of the Axpert were faulty. We bypassed the system, quoted on a Victron replacement and when we went back to install, I saw that one of the US2000 were coming on, but not giving out any power. I retured the unit and received this email last night.

Normally Pylons will switch off if over charged, in this case the one unit were damaged.

I am glad to say, it was repaired under warranty, no issues at all, even though it was proven to be an external factor that caused the damage.

That in my opinion counts a lot, I am impressed by the service I received in this matter and am glad to see Pylontech backing their product.

In hindsight, it became clear that the charge controller might have caused the Onipowers to over charge as well, leading to the premature failure of that bank as well.


Yes, it is awesome to see this level of support.

And cudos to Victron too for replacing a 250/100 under warranty that was blown because of a unbalanced cell in a battery bank forcing the BMS to “shut down”.

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That fact is indisputable and I have made numerous posts about Victrons support network on more than one forum in the past. My surprise to find similar treatment from another company led to this post.

A lot of people have wondered about pylon’s service, and their failure rate is so low that I just had to report my first experience of a failing pylontech.


If I may ask, how many (approximate) Pylontechs have you sold Jaco?

200 plus, I have to check.

Wow, serious numbers there. Just happy I decided to go that route.

No that cant be right. I have installed and sold about 150 systems, all with Pylons, and some of them have up to 6 pylons. so I guess 400 plus should be more in line.


I’ve also had excellent support from Pylontech in one hybrid case (started out as a Victron support case, turned into a warranty replacement).

I’ve had two US2000B batteries fail within a few months of installation. They were purchased together, so perhaps it was a bad batch. Haven’t had any issues with the replacements.

Cannot fault Pylontech support, nor the supplier (Segensolar). They made the swapout process as painless as possible.