Multiplus Max Discharge Power via MQTT

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I’m working on a Node Red flow to change the “MaxDischargePower” of my multi during the day to benefit from PV input and then set it to a lower value during the evening to protect my batteries.

I’m using MQTT but which setting do I need to change?

  1. N/XXXX/hub4/0/MaxDischargePower, or
  2. N/XXXX/settings/0/Settings/CGwacs/MaxDischargePower

I am currently using 1. but need to double check given 2. looks like it could also be an option…

Edit: Can someone also explain the difference between “hub4” and " CGWacs" sections…?


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This is an alias for the one below. It is deprecated.

This is actually the maximum inverter power rather than the maximum discharge power (ie, any solar power coming in is not accounted for here). This is probably the one you want.

Legacy. CGwacs is short for “Carlo Gavazzi wired AC sensor” and a long long time ago (in this galaxy) before things got moved around, it was kinda sorta all part of the same thing. So the setting is still under that section, but doesn’t really have anything to do with the meter anymore.

Hub4 is the legacy name of the ESS assistant. Victron had several hub systems, hub2 and hub3 still being in use in many places (that’s where you have a PV-inverter with AC-coupled PV). Hub-1 was the first one that allowed you to DC-couple the PV, and then came Hub-4 which allowed you to run grid-parallel. Hub-4 was then renamed to ESS later. Internally the hub4 name is still used.


This is the one I had so all good…

Thanks Mr @plonkster :grinning:

So I have a change set which works perfectly when I view the settings in MQTT explorer but it doesn’t display in ESS? Does ESS show something different maybe?

Capture1 Capture2

Go out of the ESS menu and back in. That should update it. Unfortunately there is some javascript stuff going on to make it work correctly, and the code only works one way… it doesn’t actually expect the change to come from the other end. It’s not worth the trouble to fix it.

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Thanks… as long as the real NB stuff works…