Multiplus II and generator

I have an old (relatively cheap) generator at home and I would like to have an option to use it if we do end up this winter without a grid for so long that my batteries run out.

I have read about the option to put it on AC1 of the multi and change the grid code temporarily - so thats an option but Im not keen on that.

Are there any other ways to do it?

P.S. would be ideal if the generator charge up my batteries for a short time

Separate AC battery charger. Victron only has the Skylla TG in 48V and there aren’t any real advantages in terms of integration (just basic monitoring), so you’d probably do just as well with any other 48V charger.

In fact, might be a good use for an old Axpert. Battery charger… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats an interesting thought - get a cheap used axpert and use it as a charger?

How would you actually do that. Just connect it up to the DC side and disconnect your panels when you charge it? Would you have to disconnect your multiplus from the DC side?

I’d just connect it to the DC side and leave everything else connected. Just switch the Multi off and run the house direct from the geni. Assuming that can be done.

To be honest, I wasn’t very serious with that comment. I started down the “separate AC charger” path, because I’ve seen that done once in a setup where someone needed a really high charge current and used a telecoms-type charger that is highly efficient instead of the Quattros. Once I was down that path, I had this naughty idea: Hey, that’s a good job for an axpert!