Multiplus Firmware Upgrade Failed

Have an old Multiplus compact 24/1600 (brand new but 2018 build model) I wanted to upgrade firmware an unfortunately the update failed. Looks like its bricked…

Firmware upgrade went well up until about 10% - gave an error (sorry didnt note it). I restarted the unit hoping that it will reboot but now there is no comms possible. It boots up with orange (middle) LED flashing very rapidly.

Tried VeFlash utility as well but there is no comms possible.

I have removed all input power to device for a few minutes hoping that this might help - but no luck thus far.

Any ideas?

Just to confirm, you are using an MK3 cable with the VeFlash software?

Yes -the MK3 USB

I finally managed to get it to work. I let the Multiplus sit without any AC or DC power overnight.

This morning I only connected DC without any AC. And magically it started communicating to the Victron Software - not only the Flash Application but also VEConfig as well as the normal Victron Connect on my Mac. Very strange - but at least its working again. :disappointed_relieved: