Multiplus 48/3000/50 mainboard with 26xx chipset

Hey guys. Do any of you know where I can find a main board with big 26xx chipset for a Multiplus 48/3000/50? 2nd hand won’t be a problem. I sourced a faulty unit which is now working but cannot be upgraded to the latest firmware to use with my existing 2 units that is set up for parallel use. I want to add this one as a third unit but it needs the newer mainboard so the firmware can be updated.
My existing 2 unit are 2021 & 2017 built year and this one is a 2015 built year. I can always keep it for spares but it would be super if I can source a mainboard and add it to the other 2.

Contact Victron support directly, they will very likely help you. (Not the local representatives)

I agree with @_a_a_a . But also, expect it to cost about the same as an out of warranty repair (an entire mainboard replacement), and also… don’t expect a unit that old to seamlessly parallel with a 2021 model. There is a good chance that there were other changes to the hardware as well.

Sell them and get a RS Multi RS Solar - Victron Energy :wink:

or even get an : Victron Multi RS Solar Hybrid Inverter MPPT

And sell a MPPT as well.

You know, I actually decided the same thing yesterday after checking out the multi RS. The inverters have already been advertised on FB marketplace😁

R9k per unit or R25k for all 3? Does that sound in line? I cannot give them away. The first two cost me an arm and a leg back then

If I were you, I’d rather buy two 5 kVA Multies to parallel at the price they are going these days.

Not NRS certified yet?

Been harping on other forums about NRS certification cause a certification requirement is coming to a Munic near all of us in due course. :innocent:

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In my side of the woods peeps are worried about the upcoming election and Truman Prince, not NRS certification🫢

Whenever I hear that name, I think of this movie… cued up to the exact scene:

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Yeah, many installations without NRS certification should not be able to get a CoC - if CoCs had any value…

Ja die ou boks. Hy’s 'n klompie jare terug in die pens geskiet en hier loop hy steeds rond :rofl:

I told you… go down… but you did not listen!

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