Multiplus 2 config file

Hello all
I need help, i updated my firmware and defaulted my config file. The problembis that now it does not show any assistants and I am unable to utilise system as ESS.
System is multiplus 2 5000 with GX and fronuis grid tied parrelell coupled on the AC1 outlet.
The fronuis is still being controlled by the GX but only when the utility is available. When utility is not then it shuts the fronuis down on frequency.
Please can some advice which assistans to load for my system or how to rectify my config system.
Any all help will be appreciated.
Regrard Andy

Hi, I think this will help you re-configure everything

Many Thanks
I will try this, Believe I have to add in the ESS assistant too/

Okay I have tried and reloaded a config file with the ESS assistant, but it does not show in the VRM.
Any advise?

Please PM me your number, Ill give you a call and quickly get you out of this situation?

If you updated the units remotely, the system would have downloaded the config file to your PC after the update. Check your download folder. Open the file with VE-Config, check your settings, close and save it and upload it back to your system via Remote VE-Config in VRM. if you dont come right , let me know and ill give you a call.

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Many thanks for getting back to me. Jaco did contact me but I have called a company to assist which they did, we fitted a seperate feed back meter so that we can take advantage of the solar on our non essencial load. Everything looks good however I noticed the fronuis only producing 25 w with non essentials supplied from the battery and utility off.

I aways remember the fronuis taking the full load with the batery charging and discharging as the situation warrented. I will keep and eye on thing and advise accordingly

Once again thank you and Jaco for your support and time.

Much appreciated