Multiplus 11 8kva-10kva Certification

At last… thanks Blue…


Wow, I had given up on the idea of that actually happening.

Is the Multi RS certified for SA installation?

And hope that the 15kVA and Quattros also follow.

The 10 Aug 2023 Cape Town list shows the following Victron:

The CoCT list is at times slow to be updated.

Always check the certifications on Victron’s site, they have the NRS certification, if there is one, under certification.

As an example:

So how does the South African recognition of these international certifications work? For example, I see multiple certificates for different countries for the 8kVA-10kVA Multis listed at the link you posted TTT.

Which of these carry SA national, Cape Town or other recognition? Do you know where SANS, NRS and so forth fit into particular models being “approved” nationally for installation, and to feed back into the grid? What exactly is the regulatory and approval process in SA?

The market is being flooded every month with yet more brands and models of inverters, some of which look ok and others look awful. There are even supermarket promotions now. It’s getting absurd.

The testing house Victron contracted with to certify their equipment, must clearly state that it has been certified for the SA NRS certification. Nothing to do with Cape Town.

If the Certificate is there, you are good to go. Easy as that.

The one Jaco posted above has appeared on the link I posted!!!

Man, I’m smiling. :slight_smile:
Pure co-incidence?

There you go:

The part we all want - as per the new document.

Fantastic news!
I can actually now legally use my system :stuck_out_tongue:

Right. So there are a few of these around, mostly that would be “TUV Rheinland” or in this case it is SGS. You give them a spec (VDE 4105, NRS097, whatever), and they test it. And afterwards, they write you a certificate like that.

“NRS” doesn’t do a thing other than write the spec. Others do the testing.

Because NRS097 typically borrows a lot from VDE4105, certification is usually done in that order too: First VDE, then NRS.

If something in VDE holds up the process, NRS has to wait too.

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This is great news - I wish I installed a 10kva multiplus in stead of two 5s in parallel. The parallel setup is OK - but having one unit is way better. A 10 kva quattro would even be better so hoping they get certified too.

Why not sell them … and upgrade?

That is the market Victron created, that one can easily upgrade/sell because of the warranty on the item, and not the first invoice.

It will probably still set me back R20k or so - I dont think the irritations of the parallel setup is worth that.