Multi RS Solar x 2 - pain in the

Having 2 x Multi RS Solar’s without support for paralleling is a pain. Should have gone for MultiPlus-II.

Anyway I can get access to a beta version for paralleling ?

Only Inverter-RS support paralleling at the moment. Multi-RS has no support, yet, not even in beta. Right now the focus is getting them approved for the various grid codes.

This is precisely why I am always very cautious about advising people to go with the RS if they express a clear desire to parallel units to get more power. The RS is an excellent inverter, quite superior in many ways, but when you are selling to a customer, one who might become extremely unhappy in a few months because this is not what he signed up… for goodness sake rather get the older unit. Parallel support is not going to be rushed no matter how much people want it to be :slight_smile:

You can add me to that list of frustrated users. My multiple Multi RS setup is working right now but will be so much better in Q4 2022 when parallel support arrives.

When is getting parallel support?

@plonkster said, “Multi-RS has no support, yet, not even in beta.”

OK, so I have some news that is probably not the best.

The relays in the Multi RS are not sized for maybe more than two units in parallel. To be clear, relays don’t open exactly at the same time, so when you have two paths in parallel, one path always takes more of a beating when the relays open.

That means parallel support in the Multi-RS will never be as extensive as it is with the classic Multi. Not without extra hardware.

There is the possibility of an external transfer switch. This is not something new, I am told Sungrow has a similar bit of additional hardware that is needed for paralleling.

So in addition to what I said earlier, also note that extra hardware will very likely be required.

Two in parallel will already be enough for most home use scenarios - so even that will be a bonus when you guys get to it.

If the multiplus II 5000VA has a transfer swith of 50A and max ac in and pass through of 50A and can be paralleled x times.

Why would the multi RS Solar not be able considering the above, considering it to has 50A ratings?

That I don’t know. Just repeating what I heard.

Reading the frustration here, don’t want to “beat a man that is down”, but sometimes one has to point a few facts out, me having had the “not a pleasure” experience of informing an excited new Victron owner that the RS’s his wife bought them (in Cpt) is 1) not NRS certified and 2) cannot parallel - two seconds to find that info BTW.

They are also stuck having bought from an online shop, big specials and all that. No refunds/returns after the item was mounted and whatnot.

Now here are the “things” that sprung to mind: (Caveat Emptor)
If there is no NRS certification, then better one understands what you are aiming for, the fact that the Munic you reside under is not enforcing NRS-related things today is not a “free for all, do what you want”.

RS, today, is sold as an “off-grid” inverter if memory serves.

Paralleling. “Up to 6 can be connected in parallel” on other models, has anyone sat down and thought about it in detail?

Take the firm fact the units must be of the same firmware. Then extrapolate that.

Years down the line a unit is replaced. The exact same firmware is not around anymore, with upgrades and all that. You will probably have to replace all the units if you want to continue parallelling or get a 2nd hand model from somewhere with the same firmware.

Sorry guys, I know you are upset today but the manufacturer did not have an NRS certification for the range, fact one, and they said it cannot parallel, fact two.

2 seconds to Google that.

NRS certification, they make the effort on selected ranges, not on all the ranges.


To be fair to those buyers, they are told by the resellers that the functionality is coming soon. That is true, but “soon” means different things to different people, and sometimes priorities change as well. Generator support, three phase support, and grid code support are all far more important than paralleling. So again, please inform the customer (if you are in the reselling game) properly that while this is expected in the near future, there are some unknowns.

BTW, there is already a second hardware revision that changes how the bonding relay works… makes it the same as in the later Classic Multis, the one you had an issue with :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, to be fair to the resellers, a customer with stars in his eyes about his upcoming investment often communicates far more of a willingness to try the latest and greatest, only to suffer buyers remorse later. It happens. I’m saying, probably same as you TTT, to understand what you are doing when you spend your money. Personally I think the Multi RS is more than enough for most houses, much quieter, much more efficient, and it still has PowerAssist support which its (slightly more able) competitor does not.

Another very important thing to remember is that on the first Datasheets, it mentioned that the Parallel function as well as some other functions will be available in Q4 2023. I see that has been changes in the meantime. Decisions were also made based on the info of the datasheet.

Re. the NRS certification, that is excellent news!

Hence the Caveat Emptor.

Have made my fair share of oepsies and every time the responsibility, regret, and 20/20 hindsight, the “buck” still sits with me.

The resellers, if they have “dunnit for the sake of the sale”, not informing the buyer of the “full picture”, then they have to take the flack, with the buyer, and not the product/manufacturer. (… in THIS case).

Sorry guys, but today we (as buyers) are way too quick to blame. We have do some introspection too. Did we do everything we could to avert any disappointment?

I’ll go and sit and the corner again, for the 2nd time today.

Speaking of Buyers remorse… that is also something that often blows over. I recently bought what I thought was the dream piano, a 1972 Sauter upright. This company makes excellent stuff. The instrument was a bit neglected, but all the important stuff was there, it had a decent Renner action, a Spruce sound board, a curved bass bridge, all the stuff to suggest that it is a sound investment, and for about 25% less than it would cost in a shop. But it still is some ways from what I want it to be. My tuner asked me what I think of it, and I told him that frankly I’m a bit disappointed in it, at which point he told me to stop worrying… you have a journey with an instrument (and I suppose a brand as well), and in a few years he told me I will be so much happier that I bought this model rather than something reputable and reliable like a Yamaha… :slight_smile:

So hang in there guys. You have a good bit of hardware that will not let you down. I still think it is the better product for use in a residential setting.

… on resellers…

prior to my buying my 5KVA inverter as upgrade to the 3KVA I have atm a sales guy tried hard to push me to rather get a 2nd 3KVA… mentioned to him that I’ve previously been advised by Victron if I want to do this to rather buy the 2 x 3KVA’s at the same time to make sure they were build at the same time, same parts etc etc.
He’s comment, BS. just make sure the FW is same level…
luckily this is the same guy that tried to tell me he wants R7k to swop the 3 out for the 5, at which I smile and said good bye.

Datasheet-Multi-RS-Solar-Dual-Tracker-EN.pdf (199.6 KB)

Here is the data sheet that shows Q4 2023 as the date that parallel would be supported.

I am told that later another version of the data sheet showed Q1 2024.

In numerous instances over time on the Victron community forum Guy Stewart and Mathias have indicated that feature parity with the Multi Plus II was the intention and goal. I am not sure what the limit on the number of parallel Multiplus II is, whatever it is will suit me just fine.

We are all used to Victron being a company that delivers what it says on the tin. I really hope that is going to be the case with parallel support in the Multi RS.

I simply do not buy into the same “firmware” for compatibility for paralleling.

It could be that they are changing hardware between the different revisions of a product that is making it incapable of paralleling.

If it was “Firmware” related we all know firmware is a form of microcode or program embedded into hardware devices that can be programmed and updated like a computer motherboard.

“Up to 6 Multis can operate in parallel to achieve higher power output.”

The Multi Plus 2 spec sheet says this above.

Combine that with the statement below and it’s easy to see that it was and is a reasonable expectation that we would have had parallel by now.

I am sure that it is still coming. 6 Multi RS in parallel would suit me just fine.

I am sure you aware that you can have the Multi RS in parallel currently on the DC side of things. In other words they can communicate, share PV charging to battery, and battery to AC. This works well.

What we can’t do right now is parallel the AC load side. You assuming you can separate AC loads for each Multi RS you are workable. It not ideal, but it mostly works.

Ask your installer if you are unsure of how to set that up.

I must honestly say I don’t read that in the statement at all…
More the opposite.