MPPT not charging. Please help

Hi gents. Please help me.

The last 2 days I’ve noticed my PV production is down. Where I used to get up to 3500W easily when the batteries are low, I now cant even manage 2000W

I have 2 x 150 | 35 Victron MPPT’s and noticed that one is not producing. When I look at the unit self, the green light stays on which says float and there it stays

The other one is fine with it alternating between the Bulk, Absorb and Float stages.

How or where do I begin to diagnose the problem?

I would

  1. Disconnect DC breaker for PV to the problem MPPT
  2. Disconnect MPPT from Battery
    then reverse and reconnect.

To start with…

  • PV Fuse?


Ok, I have 3 strings on that MPPT with NoArc breakers.

I’ll turn them off and then disconnect the MPPT from the battery.

And also check the fuse, and reconnect in reverse order.

Will report back now.

The MPPT will also display the green LED when the connection to your battery has been lost.
If you connect to that MPPT with VictronConnect on your phone it should give you and BMS lost alert. If this is the case make sure the comms cable (VE.Direct) between your GX and the MPPT is secure.

While you are there just go and update the firmware on both MPPT to the latest with the VictronConnect app as well

Ok problem still there. Floating led remains on.

The App indicates both MPPT’s is on the latest version.

If you open a web browser to http://venus.local/ do you see both MPPTs?

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Louis, it seems this was the problem although there was no indication that the cable had been loose or didn’t make contact.

I unplugged it, plugged it in again and the MPPT came back to life so to speak.

Both units on absorption now. What a relief. Thank you so much!

Just weird how something like this could happen. Glitch in the software maybe? As I said, the cable was secured and properly plugged in on the GX (USB) and the Mppt

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Indeed yes. This is where I first saw something is not lekker. One MPPT displayed zero watts.