Moving breaker from non essential to essential

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I have a Victron inverter installed and have non essentials separate and controlled by a Carlo Gavazzi, when the electrician wired it all up he put one of the isolators on the non essential load but I actually want it on the essentials side. It was a self install and the electrician just did the final wiring into the DB but he wasn’t too clued up with inverters and it wasn’t done correctly, Jaco came out when he was in the Cape to fix things up but at the time I didn’t need this isolator on the essential load, now I do :slight_smile:

Looking at my DB, am I right in saying that all I need to do to get the SUB DB moved onto essentials is to move the current live wire on top of the isolator to the Stove Isolator and then move the rail currently connecting SUB DB & Stove to SUB DB & Lights?


The one marked “Cottage/SUB DB2” ? That’s a normal breaker, not an isolator? An isolator switches both sides.

I assume the breaker to the far left is for essentials?

What you’re saying sounds half-right (but only half right), because you also have to find the neutral going to the sub-DB, and move that to the inverter’s neutral rail. You should have separate neutral bars for essentials and non-essentials. I cannot see which is which by merely looking at it, but there does appear to be two in the picture.

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Sorry, yes the breaker marked “Cottage/SUB DB2”

The breaker to the left of that is for the lights and they’re on the essential side.

I didn’t realize I needed to move the neutral as well, that in itself will be a task :smiley:

There are two neutral rails but they are linked so on face value it doesn’t look like there are separate neutral bars but I could be wrong.

I guess its probably better / safer to get an electrician to do this, its just a challenge when an inverter is involved it seems.

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Can you confirm that all the breakers on the right (to the right of the two Geyser 2-pole breakers) are on the backup side? It looks like it.

In that case, what I would do is rather move all my non-essentials to the left (move the two geyser breakers two spaces left so it sits next to the Stove breaker), and then move the lights and the sub-DB breaker to the other side, so all the essentials are together.

One thing I also do like about these Samite boards, is they usually have multiple neutral bars at the bottom, so quite often you simply have to remove the link between the two, and you immediately have individual neutral bars for the two sides.

Yes, all of the breakers to the right of the geyser are on the backup side. Makes sense what you’re saying, would be nice to have it split non-essential left and essentials right, I think some of the cables might be a bit too short though.

I think I have a cable tracer I could probably use that to locate the neutral for the sub-db? I still don’t really see where the neutral’s are for the inverter though.