Mount for Old phone on my Multiplus

I have my new upgrade almost done and the only problem that I have , sort off , is that the Venux GX does not have a screen so if I am at the battery room I need to pull out my Phone log into the Web and then can have a look.
Since I have an old S6 in my drawer I decided to use it on the Multiplus.
The multi has a small lip (11mm deep by 3mm wide ) so I made a small bracket that can mount on the lip.
I made a small pivot point inside the bracket so that it can be adjusted level.

This is Version 2 , the original had a open end on the front but I decided to rather make it so that the phone wont slide out by accident.
It is also three pieces that needs to be glued after the print. It just makes it easier to print.
Version 1 done on the printer

Glued together

and then mounted on the inverter

As I have Hassio running I used its interface together it the Wall Panel App on android to run the phone in Kiosk mode so now I only need to tap the screen to see what is going .
Fun project all and all.


This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

Well done.

Awesome reuse of old technology