More users converting to blue

I just had an interesting talk with a installer friend of mine. about 2 years ago, when a certain brand exploded (sales wise) locally, this guy started installing these inverters at all his sites. He even tried to convince me to sell my blue stuff and replace it with a white one. I refused and said that I’m willing to take my chances and that I like blue.

Well, it seems after he had his hands full with failing inverters at various sites, including the one at his own home, he’s no willing to admit that blue looks better than white… I wanted to say “I told you so” but it’s Friday and I won’t be so nasty…

I’ve always said (way back in the day when that was popular) that I love the cheap Chinese inverters people install. They get a taste of what it is like, and when the unit fails (which they do, without fail), you know precisely where they are going to run to :slight_smile:

The thing is now. Victron is very close in price to the flavour of the month inverters. Was SunSynk, now Deye. Just like how people flocked to Hubble and defended them with all their might. Eventually, their enthusiasm faded after the continuous cell replacement.

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