Monitoring of mains power status with Quattro

Interesting thread of someone having a remote site with backup power and not getting relevant info back.
They are installing Quattros in these houses. Does this have this facility?

Yes it does via VRM. Someone already posted that and the service is free.


Also notified via email:

Grid alarm: Grid lost
This email is generated by Automatic Alarm Monitoring on the VRM Portal. More information:


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And now also with Push Notifications on ones PC and/or cell phone.

Richard, go and post this info you got here, there on that thread, or is it “fred”? :grin:

Thanks @TheTerribleTriplet
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Yeah Richard, maybe clarify that comment a wee bit …

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Seems more like you got confused than an insult IMO.

What are you talking about?

I suggested you post the info you have asked for, and received here, back on the 4x4 forum.

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