MLT Powerstar issue

My 7 year old MLT Powerstar II is losing its time and date as it cuts over during power failures. I have emailed MLT twice and just get absolutely no response from them. Anyone know this inverter. Is there a backup battery somewhere?

There is actually a super capacitor on the board, so if it’s losing the time and date there is probably a different problem, i.e. the RTC is faulty. I’m not sure who you have been emailing about it, but MLT Inverters was bought by Rubicon so you can create a support ticket with Rubicon and it will probably need to come in for repair.

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Thanks for your help. Its old and I stay in north KZN. Maybe its time to change rather.

My H8.0 got the same problem where it’s not keeping time and date, didn’t really bother me. If you run it via Bridge software to the portal, then it will keep time and date. Best is to send it of to have it checked and service.

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