MK3 Upgrade message

I see this has popped up… can I just leave it for the moment…?


You can leave it, no problem.

I will give you the background. There are improvements in the driver, among them faster control speed, faster power readouts, etc. But for that to work, you need to update the firmware on the mk3 chip itself. And doing that can, in rare cases, case a VE.Bus reset and a power outage. So to prevent that from happening in the middle of the night during an automatic update, you get this.

It should be completely safe to update. I already did mine… no outages.

@plonkster does this update and faster speed control have to do with the ET meters as well and the response time for the inverter to correct to the grid setpoint?

I’ll wait for my wife to finish her zoom meeting :wink:

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Yes, it has to do with that as well. Once you upgrade the MK3 firmware, and if you have a fast enough energy meter, then the system will move to a faster control loop. So far there isn’t a meter on the market that is fast enough, unless you can somehow get your hands on an EM540 or a Smappee powerbox.

Support for two new meters is in the pipeline… cannot say more just yet. But basically any meter that can provide 4 or more fairly accurate power values per second qualifies for the faster loop.

Done and no outage :wink:

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x 2.

FWIW, I have the wife on a UPS.

Man, THAT removes a LOT of stress I tell ye all.


Where did it pop up? Mine doesn’t show me anything… :frowning:

It only shows up if you have an mk3, if you install the latest candidate (it is not in an official release), and if the update wasn’t already done.

Ah, thanks! I don’t have the release candidate.

Now we know who are on the leading edge :smiley:

We run where others fear to tread … how else would an official release be so bug-free hmm?

What makes me smile is the NodeRed being updated too, if one uses the Large Release Candidate.

And to revert back, ag te lekker, the previous version is sommer left on the Cerbo/Venus for one’s convenience.

What can possibly go wrong? :slight_smile:

See 3.08 is out … I have to have it!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(… jokes aside, I do read the Release Notes first.)