Mikrotik CapsMan?

Please supply one of the following

1: Directions to a link that holds the secret of setting up and configuring CapsMan on a Microtik router. I have watched hours of tutorials and followed about every guide I could find and still failed to set this up. 3 days wasted and I am left with a non working Home assistant…

2: If now one has the answer, I will gladly accept hammers bigger than 4 pound, I want to test the strength of Mikrotik equipment…

Hey Jaco , what do you want to achieve? Other than smashing the hell out of the router (Been there :slight_smile:)

My home was build weird, 3 main areas, the wifi from the main router is weak in 2 of the 3 areas so I bought 2 ceiling mount mikrotik Ap’s to strengthen the signal throughout. I want to use the CapsMan to control all ap’s.

With adding more and more home assistant components I also need better WIFI coverage as I am moving further away from the main router.

Ok cool. I just was watching a youtube vid on CapsMan. To be honest I have never bothered with it right until now but looking at the info it will be added to my list and will report.

I have a similar setup/problem with three outside buildings in a 30+ radius and +/- 60 network devices with 4 AP’s it became quite a mission to manage them. My current solution is not perfect but has served me ok so far. Using a mixture of simple queues node red and Nmap to monitor the network. So there I could help a bit.

My swearing quota is full for the next 15 years or so…

I am ready to pay someone to come do this…

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Thanks for the offer Paul, this morning early I phoned a friend from a company in Capetown. They logged into my system and configured the system. All working fine now.

They did two things that i never saw in the online vids, so I was 95% done with the config, just needed 2 more steps. To show me how to do it, we defaulted the router and went through the complete setup again.

@dvdw send me 3 links during the night, one of them mentioned the one step that I missed, but i did not understand how to implement it, thanks for your effort sir.

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Cool! That is what I like about this community , you will always find some one some where that can and more importantly will help.
Is it possible to share the links? I still need to read through the Manual as it might help with my setup as welll

Sure, here it is:


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