Mecer/RCT BMS Communication Box for using Lithium Batteries on RCT Axpert Inverters

This unit for Mecer/RCT inverters to communicate with the lithium batteries, is it for legacy inverters?

Or am I not understanding what it’s purpose is supposed to be.

Any help would be appreciated.

hi @LiamUser interesting as i have pylons with my old 2016 axpert 5kw, something like that will help a lot. what is the link to this ad?

Here is one.

i requested a specsheet for the comms box and attach it. i believe this post should also go to the battery thread for comments please.
this box is not for old axperts, i have not been given a cut-off date but mine from 2016 is too old.
Modbus Duo Box(Monitor&BMS)-manual.pdf (1.1 MB)