MeanWell BIC-2200 with Pylontech batteries

Hi, I am quite new to this topic and was triggered by a newspost of MeanWell. They have an AC/DC&DC/AC converter, in fact a 2.2kW battery charger and inverter for 24, 48 or 96V batteries. The converter can be read-out and set over CAN bus.

Is it possible to create a system using the Pylontech US5000 (48V) batteries and a BIC-2200C 48V converter? I have the feeling that a BMS is also needed to talk with the US5000 and BIC-2200. I want to use the information from my P1 interface or Home Assistant data (over production of solar panels) to charge the battery.


The bi-directional converter is too expensive for what you need I reckon…
Are you wanting an inverter and battery charger in the same unit?

Yes, exactly.
Unfortunately our Solaredge inverter is not compatible with any affordable battery.
My idea was to use the digital meter with P1 port to measure the power flowing to the grid and direct this to the battery. In case energy is absorbed from the grid the battery with inverter should supply.
What do you suggest?

What model Solaredge inverter is this?

SE-5K, 3phase inverter.
This inverter is mounted in a separate building nearby the solarpanels. A 100m long cable feeds the 3 phases to the switchboard in our house. The battery and charger/inverter is planned to be mounted nearby the switchboard.

Solaredge appears to be a bit of a handful…
Anyone out there with some knowledge about them??