MC4-Evo 2 spanners

Has anybody been able to find MC4-Evo 2 spanners locally? I’ve tried, with no luck.
The hole in the black spanner on the left fits around the body of an MC4-Evo 2 connector, and the jaw of the red one (which is slightly smaller than the jaw of the black one) grips the MC4-Evo 2 nut.

If someone can point me in the right direction it will be much appreciated.

You could try and print your own. Find a friend who has a 3D printer. If you don’t there are a few shops/vendors who will print it for you. Be prepared to have to make a few to get the sizing exactly how you want it !

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If you are willing to wait a month:

The price is very steep, and it seems that that is not only the case for RS (although they make it worse)…


Yes, quite!

Have you ordered from RS before? Are they reliable?

If all else fails I might have to go that route, but R900 (+ shipping I assume) for those spanners seems very unreasonable.

Yes RS is reliable. But perhaps it’s worth trying the printed ones at that price?

Pm me your address, I’ll send you a set?

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I order from them all the time. Extremely reliable, but they are more expensive. They have been around since the late 90s, when I first acquired a catalog from them (along with my Maplin catalog, which was one of my most prized possessions back before the internet was a thing).

They are also one of the few places who will send you whatever is in stock immediately, and whatever is delayed later, in other words, they will pay two courier fees. Ideal for parts you need asap.

But I generally try the hobbyist places before I go to them :slight_smile:

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This is only half the story. They will send you the items as they get them. I have had packages come in 2 per day, each with a bag of resistors, then next week a couple more components. This can go on for weeks. Sometimes it helps, but sometimes I really wish they had the option to wait for all the components or limit the number of packages.

It’s all included in the price :crazy_face:

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Done. Thanks!