Maths in the weeds

if its not out of the woods odds are it is in the weeds :thinking:
i’m not a math nut, but this was very enjoyable and some of you might love it - worthwhile watching at least once, like a good sunset… we don’t really know what is going on but it sure is pretty

Aaah Gödel. Didn’t watch the video, but I assume that is what it is about. Gödel also had a few other proofs, including one of an ontological nature (in the same line as St Anselm and Leibniz). What is more, he completely disappoints Russell (who was trying to enumerate all axioms) in only a few pages, which makes this basically one of the most epic shutdowns in history, and him one of the most brilliant.

Derek’s videos are awesome. Of relevance to us are these two videos which I found fascinating:

This caused some consternation in the scientific community:

This was the resulting followup:

I also found this one fascinating:

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indeed, he does feature - what would a math video be without him? i faintly recall the book “goedel escher bach”…

Wow, I watched the video. I’ve watched other Veritasium videos in the past (there is another one about Hilbert’s infinite hotel which is just as good), but this really is excellent. He even gets to what us Computer Scientists call the “Halting Problem”, and this is essentially the entire base of what we call “NP complete” problems, problems that no efficient solution exists for.

Essentially, this is the reason that while you can prove that a computer program has a bug in it, you cannot have a generic algorithm (one that always works) that can prove any computer program to be bug-free. If you could, it would come down to having a computer that can prove that any algorithm (including its own) will always halt (give an answer) and never hang (not halt), which we already know is impossible.

This entire enterprise is what eventually sent a science student (me, around 2002) down the path of philosophy, and concepts such as epistemology (how we form beliefs) and ontology (what things actually are). Because those things themselves, must therefore be incomplete and/or inconsistent, and undecidable to boot.

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indeed @plonkster , the search for truth, complete, in plonkster parlance the final bug-free program which will always ‘halt’ - further in your lingo, we are all hard-wired to to at least realize we are all at one stage or another ‘hanging’ - never mind ‘hang ten’ :rofl: … so it turned out the philosophers stone was a rock :slightly_smiling_face: