Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) Tesla Solar roof system

Youtube review after one year with his Solar Roof System: Tesla Solar Roof Review: Was it Worth It? - YouTube

He has quite the system. 29kw solar roof!

From Tesla Solar Roof with Powerwalls Reviewed by MKBHD [VIDEO] -

Brownlee’s system, a 29.313 kilowatt solar roof tile array coupled with three Powerwall 3s, totaling 40.5 kilowatt-hours, was installed on his roof in November 2021 and activated in July 2022. The total cost of the system, including all materials, labor, installation, and the batteries, amounted to $120,948.04 USD. However, a substantial federal tax credit of nearly $30,000 brought the total cost down to around $93,000.

Interestingly enough, MKBHD’s choice of Tesla Solar Roof tiles came at a time when he didn’t even need a new roof. But he said his roof has lots of pitches and the total area with Tesla’s Roof Tiles resulted in a bigger solar system.

Over the course of a year, Brownlee used 54,390 Kwh of electricity, which would have cost him approximately $9,663, including the energy used to drive his Model S Plaid. The system’s efficiency means that it will pay for itself in about 9.6 years. He noted that regular Tesla solar panels would have resulted in a 19 kilowatt setup.

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He has a 1.8 million ZAR solar system AND the fastest Tesla model. Nice and all, but out of reach for most :slight_smile:

Depending on where he live, the 30kWp odd panels is a bit excessive, except if the partakes in the Tesla Virtual Powerstation setup.

My 40kWh system is handily charged by 14h00 mid winter, and that is with a 4kW 250L geyser going to 75C from Solar at the same time.

Edit: PS my system is substantially, by far less expensive too…