Managing water; rain/municipal/tanks/pumps

hi members - calling all boere and other common sense guys [i.e. all on the forum :-)]
I have 4x10000l water tanks as in pdf image - now i want to harvest rainwater in the most distant one [4] and introduce municipal water via ball valve in the first one [1] with a whole house filter from 1 to the home [incl geyser] . as the rainwater will flow through 4, 3 and 2 I reason it will get rid of most sediment along the way and will be very clean prior to getting in tank 1, where it will mix with municipal water prior to passing through the filter. I would like to install a pump from 2 which will irrigate the garden and a pump between the filter and no 1 to provide constant water pressure to the house, both with pressure tanks to avoid frequent starting due to slight pressure losses.


  • the water levels in the tanks will be checked manually [tik met stokkie :crazy_face:]
  • tank one will be provided with a non return valve in order not to leak the main house supply back to the rainwater tanks
  • if there is sufficient water in tank 1 the municipal valve will be closed - I’ll check daily

any ideas to make this simpler or more practical?
thanks in advance,

pump pdf.pdf (25.7 KB)

Have a look at this thread:
The 4x4 guys have some knowledgeable manne on these matters…

thanks richard, whilst browsing the link you provided i suddenly thought about something which still is an issue, how to clean your water or keep it potable, so i wrote a little piece about it at