Luxpower with jk bms

I have built my 16s 280ah with JK 200A Bms
Trying to figure out if I can connect this with my Luxpower hybrid inverter using RS485

anybody has done this or have any idea how?

You can wire them to talk, but the real question would be if they will be able to understand each other.

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so it is more difficult than just wiring them correctly

If you phone someone in Greece over the telephone you are connected to them over the line, but if you don’t speak Greek then you will hear their instructions but don’t know what to do with it.
This is the same. The inverter and the battery need to talk the same language over that line to be able to understand it.

You best option would be to wire it up and then work through that battery list. If you are lucky one might work.

I see Pylon, Dyness, and Murata… they all use a similar CAN-bms protocol (with alarms on 0x359, which is a little different to the others).