Luxpower SNA5000 tripping

Good day.
I hail from Brits Northwest. We hardly ever have load shedding (yes I said hardly ever) I have a SNA 5kw and we have been having problems with panels not producing enough power. Almost have a plan on this. System been running almost 2 months now tested it day was fitted as it replaced a Sunmagic 5kw we had aircon in room running and all lights even had microwave just to check load and battery setup. 4,8kw Ingle lifpo battery.

However this afternoon power from grid went of (not load shedding but a 10 min no power.

1 My earth leakage tripped when power went of.
2 After switching on my inverter tripped on over load. Although the power was under 600w picture added.
3 After trying a few times to run switching breaker on db one for one back on the system triped on inverter for overload every different time no specific switch.
4 After having it run for a few seconds switching microwave on ran a 44% load drawing aroung 43amps from battery. We switched micro of system was on a 9% load. Testing with a 12000btu that was our normal tester for unit it triped on overload 3 times.

Taking in mind i am only a mechanic and trying to learn this solar business in order to maintain for the next 20 - 30 years that imight still live. Cant keep paying others to do this.

In another pic my system shows 50amp battery where as it is 100amp. I have someone on another fb luxpower page that has had to do with mybattery and will send me the info to have it work right. Although the inverter showed over load not the battery. Not sure if its related

Any advice and where to lookwhat to do.

Thank you in advance

I would start by checking which breaker (circuit) is causing tripping.
To do this, switch all circuit breakers off, then turn on your earth-leakage.

After turn on one-by-one breaker at the time. Once you reach the circuit causing the trip, your earth-leakage will trip again.
Then you will know which circuit needs further troubleshooting/checking.

Was there a rainy week or something like that recently?

That sounds normal, unless it’s an inverter aircon.

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I did that exactly but kept tripping the inverter on different switches. Not same one every time.
No rain and no clouds

You have a neutral fault. Somewhere, one ONE of those circuits, a neutral is touching earth.

Opening all the breakers is a good first step, but that only works if the fault is between live and earth. To find a neutral fault, you have to also disconnect all the neutral wires from the neutral bar.

Ideally you should identify which black and red wires go together for each circuit. Then disconnect the lives and neutrals for all circuits, and bring them back one by one (connect the neutral, close the breaker) until the tripping resumes.

OR… get a sparky with an insulation tester to test each one.