Luxpower SNA5000 Inverter with Volta Stage 1 Li-ion battery


Anyone have a Luxpower SNA5000 inverter connected to a Volta Stage 1 battery who could help me out with the setup procedure and the communication cabel setup??

Thank you very much!!

Hi Niel.

Not sure if anyone here has Luxpower experiences, maybe someone may have an idea on the Volta batt. :man_shrugging:

Hi Niel

I installed a combo like this for my sister a few weeks ago. @Tariqe also has done many of these installs.

What exactly do you need help with.

For the comms, I used the standard cable that came with the battery / inverter on CAN. Can’t remember which one came with the cable. On the inverter I used the pylontech profile

Just follow the steps in the inverter manual. The interface is similar to an axpert range and if you, like me, haven’t used an axpert before, it’s not very easy to get through.

I have done 4 of the exact same combo, it is not the easiest of inverters to set up, the Sunsynk/Deye is a breeze compared to this one, I actually connected each one temporarily at home with a battery and grid connection and went thru the settings, before installing at a clients home, Vassen asked me on the phone how to program it and I couldn’t remember half the stuff needed.