Low pv feed on sunsynk

Hi guys i have 6 by 550 watt canadian solar on 10degrees
I dont get more than 800 watts from both combined 3 on a string
All facing north and on my inverter they keep jumping around on watts and volts any idea where my problem can be thx for any input

What is the demand in your house?
Are the batteries full?

Hi i barely go over 1.8 to 2 kwh

Batteries full

The PV will be lowered when the batteries are full and there is no load where the power can go to.
Check again when the batteries are empty and you will feel better about your PV array.

I do unferstand but i am using power and it feeds from the grid and battery pv stays below 250 watts

Not supposed to feed from grid when i am using power that must be available from the solar i am puzzled

What size Sunsynk inverter do you have? If it is 5kW or larger, then a string of 3 panels could be too low for the MPTT.
If 5Kw or larger, I would put all 6 panels on one string.

5kw that is i have never gotten more than 1kw from both pvs together if i am lucky

3 x panels on one string will barely reach the minimum voltage reqiured.
Go with 6 panels on one string.


I’ve seen it a few times where the voltage is too low for the mppt.

Either add another panel to each string or put it all on a single string.

Thx a question who would know how the angle facing north could affect the energy available surebly i must get more than 2kw at 10 degrees plsz help if anyone knows

Where are you based?

Around this time of year, it’s actually a pretty good angle. You will basically suffer the most in winter as the sun is a lot lower.

The power is affected by the cosine of the angle of incidence from the sun. Basically if the sun is 90 degrees to the panels you get the most power.

I’ve seen around 92% of the rated power of my panels.

You can check the sunsynk screens and see what the mppt voltage is. Your panels probably have a Vmp of around 41V. 3 of them is only 123.

I have panels facing east, north and west and they peak at different times in the day.

If I may, reading the answers given, maybe let me put it another way.

See the yellow highlights … there are 3 panels in series per MPPT, bare minimum if it gets there, hence your low production expectations. And the panels won’t stay there long, so MPPT cannot really operate optimally.

Even at their best angle, which differs per season of the year, you are going to struggle.

Hence as suggested, rewire them quickly to 6 in series on one MPPT. Cheapest solution for now.
Or add more panels per string.


Are all your panels facing the same direction? If so, as pretty much everyone has said, connect them in one string so you have a higher voltage at the MPPT.