Looking @ Reloading Equipment!

I know this is way off topic even for here.

I am entering reloading on a very ripe age of 52 but got taken aback by the prices of the equipment and are reconsidering the whole thing.

Tossed and turned a bit last night struggling to make up my mind if its all worth it and then the idea dawned to ask the members of this forum if there is maybe someone that use to reload and stopped. Its quite common for someone to start a new hobby and then a few month or years later decide not to continue.

If someone has some unused reloading equipment, please PM me the details, I might be interested in some of it. I have pretty much made up my mind of which brands I might consider using and what components I want in my setup to make reloading a personal thing.

I am considering only reloading 9mm and .303British as a start.

Looking at:

1: Wet case tumbler. (Might even consider using a dry tumbler)
2: Mid to high end Single stage Press (other might also work)
3: Case resizing tool.
4: Good quality electronic scale (Something like the RCBS chargemaster or Frankford Arsenal equivalent)
5: Proper die sets with build in crimping functionality.

I guess there might be some equipment lying in a box somewhere at a decent price.

May I buy my rounds from you going forth? :laughing:

Those are the calibers I also have and contemplated reloading a few years back as well.

Talk to my brother in law, whom you already know. He’s quite deep into that sort of thing.