Looking for a .co.za domain registrar with "free" e-mail forwarding

I’ve got a .co.za domain that I need e-mail forwarding for. Most international domain registrars will throw in email forwarding with a domain, but I’ve not been able to find any registrar that both supports .co.za and is not expensive (i.e. does not charge double what local registrars charge).

Anyone know of one?

Honestly, use any provider you want for .co.za domains but then instead of using their nameservers, just use CloudFlare nameservers.

Eg. I have for example linuxgeek.za.net that I registered pre-2012 when you could still get them, lifetime free domains. I pointed it with an update to CloudFlare.

The nameserver entries look like this: (they might give different ones for your domain)

~ % dig linuxgeek.za.net ns +short

Then on CloudFlare, you just set up the email forward to any existing email address you want. I for example, set up a catchall rule, that sends the mails to my gmail address.

100% free from cloudflare side. You also get free dns and basic free protection on a website if you want on the free plan. I just pointed that domain to github pages, because thats how I can do a free website using a static generator.


Awesome, thank you!

Update: I went the CloudFlare route as you suggested, and it’s working great!