Looking for a cheapy 24v trolley type inverter

So thanks to 10 hours of loadshedding 2 nights ago, my complex Ellie’s inverter decided its time to call it quits after 10 months of service. Still under warranty but turnaround time is at least 4 weeks.

There seems to be no stock of anything these days so wondering if anyone got a Ellie’s / mecer 24v inverter for sale.

Does this include batteries?

Most places are selling complete trolleys with batteries. I replaced the batteries in November with the inverter so I just need a new inverter


And also saw on Facebook Market Place

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Where are you situated? I have two of the 2000VA/1200w Inverex clones available.

Inverex.pdf (772.0 KB)

Thanks. I tend to avoid gumtree unless it’s local and I can go see the item working before buying. There’s a just too many scammers out there these day.

The copper power ones are insanely priced though. I’d rather look at getting a voltronic clone at that price.

Thinking of just connecting a ups to the external batteries together with an external charger as a temp solution if I can’t find something.

What are you needing to keep running during power outages?

Intercom, cctv including TVs and lights.

probably more than you want to spend (but with price gouging, not sure what the trolley types go for any case) 24V axpert type (not bought form them but at least they list physical address (assuming you gauteng side). R4700

if you hunt around you might also find 12V ones a bit cheaper and then just parallel the batteries

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Should be sorted. Deon is assisting. :blush: