Looking for a 2nd hand MK3

Looking for a 2nd hand MK3 cable, if anyone has one to sell.

Yeah, I’m a miser, why buy new if 2nd hand will work just as well? :wink:

You do know that soon we will have firmware updates via VRM?

(I literally said on this forum just three weeks ago that it will likely never happen, and two days after I said that I got the call that said we’re doing it. So go and install the 2.65 candidate and check it out… :wink: ).

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Will test it … but reason I’m looking for someone who wants quick cash for a MK3, is because I need a VenusRpi to connect the Pi to the inverter, as the MK2 has “issues” on the Rpi.

I remember - I asked the question :wink:
Any idea when it will drop?

Thanks @plonkster

Install the Venus 2.65 candidate release and check it out. It’s included already. On VRM, click on Device List, then on Firmware Update, and then after some time the Multi should show up in the list, and you can click to update the firmware.

Also download the latest VE.Configure tools before you do this.

The process is quite lengthy: It first downloads the current configuration of the inverter. Then it updates the firmware. At this point the inverters will switch off (of course), so ideally you must make sure the internet connection and the GX device will stay up during the whole process (although there is a recovery step in case you do lose the internet connection).

After the firmware is updated, the inverter will turn on and connect to the grid, but the max charge current is deliberately set to zero to avoid accidentally charging the battery. Reason: Imagine a very full Pylontech battery, and suddenly a Multi with a default lead-acid configuration starts charging it to 58V… :slight_smile:

The process will then automatically download the new configuration of the inverter, and then it will send you a combined download that has both the old and the new configuration in one file. When you open that with VE System Configurator, it will automatically migrate the old settings, so normally you only have to save the file.

You then use the remote VE.Configure feature (which has always existed) and upload the config. And voila, it is all done.


I’m also looking for a MK3-USB cable for same reason (for MultiPlus > RPi). Any one have for sale?