Lithium historical cost

The cost of Li-Ion batteries is following the trend of PV panels: see Daily chart - Lithium battery costs have fallen by 98% in three decades | Graphic detail | The Economist

I trust that you can open the link. If not I’ll try and paste it here…


The key sentence “Once a battery costs USD100/kWh then elec car prices will fall” One that happens, battery innovations will follow hard disk and computing power trajectories…I hope!

I remember when the target for solar PV was 1USD/W. This was when it would all take off.
This prognosis depended on people’s living standard. So if you were a US citizen this was true. However here in Africa we had to wait until the price dropped even further for it to have the same effect.
I reckon we are in that phase with storage: We just need to hang on a bit longer before we get real value. Those graphs tell the story!

You never get to the massively low prices unless you have early adopters. While I don’t consider my self to be an early adopter I have decided to bite the bullet and have gone for the home brew LiFePO4 280 Ah cells. The costs of the cells is much less than that of the inverter charger. So even with home brew batteries you still have to get the electronics to support it. Once finished I should have a good storage capacity and charge discharge capacity. Still not cheap enough to make it economically viable, but for ideological and my tinkering desire I will push on.