Lithium AA Rechargeable

Something a bit different

Anyone using AA lithium rechargeable batteries, any brand you can recommend? Quick Google and it seams like R80 to R100 per battery is pretty much the going rate for the well known brands.

Also, do they require a special charger or will any charger for AA batteries do the job?

These are not Li-Ion batteries as far as I am aware. (There are none in the AA or AAA size)
They are disposable batteries…
Post a pic/link

Lithium chemistry would mean they are around the 3.5 -3.7v. So not really a direct replacement for AA or AAA.

I have 2 though that came with my kids toys.

Looks like these but as I mentioned, not a replacement for 1.5V batteries.

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This is new to me! I can’t see any reason to make a Li-Ion version of the AA battery. It would simply cause a lot of confusion…

I have AA lithium batteries that I use in a wireless microphone beltpack. They are 1.5V but use a small regulator circuit inside. The main reason we chose them is that the 1.2V you get from a NiMh cell is too close to the cutoff for the sound equipment leaving you with only about 45 minutes operating time from a fully charged battery. The charger is different from a NiMh charger in that the charge voltage is obviously higher and the charge rate not quite as aggressive.

NiMh is a battery that needs plenty charging. It’s like you cook the battery and only when they are really warm are they considered charged.
For sure Li-Ion batteries have taken over due to their performance but they are completely different (and they need a BMS to protect them!)

I have a few CREED LED flashlights that work on those 14500 (note this is not a AA replacement at all - you normally cannot swop the 14500 for AA even though they will fit as AA is 1.5V and 14500 is 3.7V).
The nice about these are that if your rechargeable 14500 are empty and you cannot recharge, you can by AA off the shelf to use as well. It’s just less bright.
This works for lights and the flashlight states this as a feature.
You cannot swop these on any other device. It will either not work or you will loose the magic smoke they work with when the voltage is too high for the device.

i recently ordered a nitecore new i4 battery charger and some aa rechargeable batteries - all nimh; just make sure they are >2500 mah as the ordinary stuff you buy are usually 1500mha or less and fade very quickly. i was able to het aa 2800mha rechargeables at R46 vat incl last year… but still waiting for delivery, they offered 2500mhas but i said i’ll wait for the stuff i paid for…
the above charger is VERY versatile, see image:

I picked up a few of these lithium AA batteries. They work very well.

  1. Output 1.53V - has a small buck circuit built in so that the output is constant 1.5V
  2. One pic shows the micro usb charge port. LEDs show the charge status
  3. Drawback is that one has to be aware of the charge and carry spares as if one of the batteries gets too flat then the BMS drops power suddenly :frowning_face:
  4. Bought these at Checkers, yes Checkers! I wish I had bought more as I have not been able to find them again.

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Amazing how the Micro USB plug is used so often simply as a power connector.
Do you recall what you paid for these??

I think it was R199 for a pack of 4. Not an unreasonable price.

It’s part of the USB charging standard. There is even a proper way that the two ends can communicate to each other that only charging is used (basically, connecting the data lines together).

Wow these look pretty cool. I bought one of those “wand milk frothers” and put in some NiMh batteries - and it sucks. 1.2v x 2 is just too low for it to work well.

1.5 AA batteries (I use the Lithium ones at the moment) actually works really well - so these would be perfect.

You can find them: Beston 1.5V 1460mAh AA Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries (Pack of 4) | Shop Today. Get it Tomorrow! |

And AAA: Beston USB 1.5V 1460mAh AAA Lithium Rechargeable Batteries (

Someone’s in a Makro Beston AA 4 & AAA 4 1.5V USB Rechargeable Combo Mood

But they’re not cheap.

I must admit, after using these small rechargeable batts, AA and AAA, for years now, using their chargers and in an attempt to make them last longer, a better fit-for-purpose charger, I’m done. Going back to the old tech.

One by one these little shiits get hotter and hotter during charging, till the charger either:

  1. refuses to charge them, there are tricks to “jumpstart” them again,
  2. cell gets so damn hot during charging it singes your delicate fingertips. That happened more than once.

And their chargers. When one must insert the cells in pairs … eish.
The NiteCore, it charges per batt. Much better. But still.

When the last of them “goes”, I’m not getting more of these little shiits.
Constant checking their temps when recharging - trust me, you want to do that. It bites you the day you don’t.

And I tried a few brands, from big bucks 2800mAh to 1400mAh cheap Chinese models.

“Thousands of recharges” … BS.

The 18650s I also use for other stuff are much better batts but they don’t fit into PIRs due to their size … think I must “maak-'n-plan” one day with them for the PIR’s … (he mumbles under his breath as he walks away grumbling.)

Thought I was being super clever with the Alarm PIR’s … “look Ma, no wires!”. Gmpf.

Sorry, I’m just peeved at these small thingies.

Methinks it is a “fire waiting to start” when left in their “cheap” chargers.

Wow those prices are steep. Now I really wish I had got more of them from Checkers!

My whole house runs on Panasonic Enerloop batteries and charged by a La Crosse.
Words great.

Same here. I bought bucketloads of NiMH rechargeable AA and AAA batteries, and not the cheap no-name brand stuff either. None of them lasted even close to the claims on the packaging. What a shame.

Li-Ion is a game changer wrt batteries. Nothing comes close except lead acid for ICE starters.
They come with some strings attached however (which I’m still learning about the hard way!)
But get all of those right and there’s no going back :slightly_smiling_face: