Liminous solar 3000s inverter PV options

Hello there
Please an anybody help me? I have no idea. I Ihave a Liminous solar 3000s inverter and i want to put solar panels on it. Array voltage is 80VDC how many 460w solar panels can i connect to it?

any help here?

Sorry, you waited 1h and you are already bumping the thread due to lack of activity?

Send a picture of

  1. the sticker on the inverter, and
  2. the sticker on the panels.


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Never heard of that brand. Google brings up too many things that look different. Sorry pal, can’t help. Have no idea if it includes a solar charger (it looks as if it does), whether it is an MPPT charger or not.

If the max input voltage is 80VDC, then you can connect only connect 1 x 460W panel in series, since these panels already make close to 50VDC each, so two would put you over 80V.

I have no idea how many you can put in parallel, but I very much doubt it is more than maybe two.