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eish, whatsapp is quick on the draw…

Just like de Ruyter’s colleague said he definitely didn’t want his job the same applies here.
They can’t even get heavy with delinquent municipalities! This is the no.1 business rule (as I understand business)

yip, discipline and meritocracy aren’t pc

Yes, and trying to be everyone’s friend doesn’t work either.

I kinda like our minister of electricity. At least he tries. He has a charismatic personality, he knows how to explain something to laypeople in a way that makes some sort of sense. Does he still make mistakes? Of course. But I honestly don’t understand the vitriol directed at him from general society. Yeah, he’s from the wrong political party, and yeah, his appointment didn’t really change any of the fundamentals beyond where they would have been anyway, but this guy really is the least of our troubles. Far far less than old man Mantashe, for example.

Did you read the well worded dig at him in de Ruyter’s book?
Clearly Mantashe was one of the few players that he couldn’t get along with.

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devouted anc communist, not much time for logic/reason/capitalism/democracy/meritocracy or anything this forum might come up with in order improve the wellbeing of its members or society at large. during 2013 “…he compared the political Tri-Partite Alliance (ANC, Cosatu and SACP) with the Biblical Holy Trinity.” deeeep insights from a Wits alumnus - an institution ironically heavily funded by the mining industry…

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I cannot help but wonder if he’s committing Modalism or Tritheism :slight_smile:

Then of course there is the minister who spoke of the “Calvinist religion” some years ago, managing to anger both the men who no longer subscribes to that philosophy and those who still do.

And there was a certain prophet, from around 600AD, who thought it was Father, Son, and the mother :slight_smile:

I’m not always sure if I should be bemused or what.

pie in the sky-ism :thinking:

Allow me to quote the honorable Mr de Ruyter: “If Gwede Mantashe’s job title as minister of mineral resources and energy were accurate it would have featured the word ‘coal’ somewhere.”

the mere mention of coal is not pc - it smacks of racism

Scared comes to mind.

For me, I figure you cannot be too angry with people whose only source of info around the topic was other people who didn’t really know either. Stereotypes, hearsay, caricatures. Of course, when that minister basically blamed GBV on Calvinism, that was never going to sit well with card-carrying Calvinists. That is a gross misunderstanding of the doctrine, and was frankly a tad racist.

(woohoo… I managed to use the R word too today).

yip, poor old Calvin never ever anticipated such a slur; but then you get card carrying commies not :thinking: - interesting fact i was fighting those guys for years and later decided to join the anc to find out what exactly was going on - post retirement mind you - after two years they wanted me to vote for something, i said ok, they said but where is your membership card, so i tried to get one from shell house in jhb - its easier getting a gun licence - after futile attempts i left the anc, not disappointed but at least feeling that now i know exactly what incompetence looks and feels like - so yes, i pity them for some really try what they think is best… the blind leading the blind, the cum laude of inefficiency, the pits

That’s more of a joke… referring to Card-Carrying such-and-such merely means it is people who willingly identify as members of the group :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the joke of a guy who arrives at the pearly gates. Notices there are two lines, one is marked “predestined” and the other is marked “free will”. Being a card-carrying Calvinist, he gets into the predestined line. Shortly afterwards an official walks by and asks: What are you doing in this line? I chose this line, on account of being a Calvinist!, the man replies. But in that case, says the official, if you chose it, should you not be in the other line? Grumbling the man walks over to the other line. Shortly afterwards another official approaches: Excuse me sir, what are you doing in this line? Oh, I was told to come here. Well, in that case sir, shouldn’t you be in the other line?

(Now the irony, which is not in the original joke, but after he changed lines the second time, he was in the right one :slight_smile: ).