LiFePo4 drop in replacements for home UPS

For those who have dead 7Ah lead acid batteries in their PC UPSs, I recently bought two of these and a battery balancer from Geewiz and I am very impressed so far, even ordered several more sets to convert more UPSs to LiFePo4.

I can highly recommend them and you can buy a combo with the balancer but I upgraded to a Bluetooth balancer instead.

Check it out:

Does your UPS use 24V?

Pray tell more.


Nothing special really, I just love data and graphs and the batteries internal BMS doesn’t have bluetooth so I bought this balancer for the batteries.

Example of data received from the balancer

I had actually bought 5 of these GeeWiz batteries last week for replacing into our UPSs here.

Just tested the first one now, and it seems to live up to the label. Without recharging I pulled 150W for 10 minutes, and voltage dropped from 12.5 to 12.4.

It sustained intermittent loads of 20-21A for a few seconds with no apparent issues.

31A triggered a brief low voltage beep, but otherwise no issues.

40A tripped the BMS and shut everything down immediately.

So, should work quite well up to 400W or so, but does not have a soft overload shutdown like LA batteries give.