Lalela trolleys

Has anyone heard of this brand?

Any good? Alternative suggestions perhaps?

It just needs to power a TV and a few LED lights for a load shedding cycle.

Yes,I know of them.

Not a bad unit, but be aware of the battery. I think they give you a 21 day warranty on the battery.

They use a Lead Acid battery, that is not bad if you use it correctly. (Keep it on charge and use it maby once or twice month when there is a power outage)

But in our current state of Load Shedding, it is being use constantly, and the battery cant be fully recharged in time. Leading to a dead battery within weeks.

A friend is working at Incredible Connection, and they get Alot back, i was there last week, and there was 3 of them. All battery problems.

Maby look at a Power Station with a LiFePO4 battery. They are more expensive . BUT after you replace the battery on the Lalela, the total cost will be about the same.

This one has a LiFePO4 battery.