Keep TTT in your thoughts

Hi guys, just a update, TTT aka Jaco, had a stroke and is in hospital. He just came out of ICU as I’m typing the msg. His in all good spirits but there some small complications but he will be OK and just need time to get better.

So keep him in your thoughts please. Don’t call him please. I will forward messages that’s been posted on the post.

Thanks guys.


Send my regards to him from me!! Get well soon!

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Very sorry to hear. Wishing him a speedy recovery and hope to see him posting again soon!

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Wishing @TheTerribleTriplet a very speedy and full recovery. All the best.

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TTT, your frankin-monster battery is waiting for you. Get well soon.


Well, he replies to Whatsapps and makes jokes, so that’s good news at least!


Thanks guys, i forward the screenshots to him. Jip, spoke to him yesterday morning quickly, full of jokes and escaping ideas, so its a good sign.

I told him he must request that they bring his inverter and battery bank and tab, then he will be “soet”.

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May you have a speedy recovery TTT!


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All the best TTT and our prayers for a speedy recovery.

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Sterkte daar Jaco.

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Our thoughts are with you @TheTerribleTriplet, hope you make a swift and complete recovery.

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@TheTerribleTriplet, don’t fiddle with any knobs on any of those hospital machines, or the magic smoke will come out of you this time.

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Wishing you a speedy recovery TTT!

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I did that!!!

They did not want me to get up and pee … so I carefully noted what they connect where and how … as all was quiet, no one in sight, I carefully started to follow the procedure.

The next moment something told me “Look to your left behind you” …this petite nurse was ready to pounce on her prey I swear. With a stare that made me wonder about my life, she came up to me connecting it all up again, whispering with a viscous snarl (with a smile nogal) … Use. The. Bottle.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks for all the well-wishes.

Need a wee bit of re-programming a bit here and a bit there, otherwise, all is ok.

Monster bank … :rofl:


Get better soon TTT :+1:
PS be careful of the hospital food!

ag no man TTT, to “pop a vein while trying to figure out load shedding schedules” is not to be taken literally! :wink:

good luck with the recovery and keep the humour with any adjustments that may be needed

i have it on good authority that ttt’s condition might have something to do with the fact that de ruyter’s book was leaked to him :grin:

Neeeeyeeee BMS needed I guess…

Jislaaik Jaco, skrik ek my nouhalf boeglam to ek die nuus lees. Sterkte man! ons dink aan jou… Bly om jou embleem aanlyn te sien, dit beteken alles werk nog goed, sien uit na die lang skrywe binnekort waarin jy ons self bietjie meer vertel…

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Ek belowe om selfs die “tidbits” te lees.