Just a thank you to everyone

Hi all,

This morning again I had time to go through a few posts and every time it pleases me to see the standard of posts and replies from all the active members.

We have some serious coders amongst us, some great and knowledgeable installers, home automation gurus, some electronic and Electrical boffins, members with some great ideas, other members displaying some of the widest general knowledge that I have ever seen.

And last but not least , Energy talk is honoured to have the “Master” of drawing smoke from any hardware as a very active and entertaining member.

I am lucky to be surrounded by a bunch of very interesting people and I had the pleasure of meeting so many of you in person.

To my admin and moderator’s… Thanks for your hard work in keeping this forum organised…

Thanks for each and every contribution, I appreciate it more than you can think.

You all make me proud, and what you as members have build here, makes creating this forum worth my while. I had no idea what this would grow into.


Thanks for starting this journey for all of us @JacoDeJongh

Just to make sure. When you are talking about the Smoke Monster that was not me? :thinking: :grin:

Nope. The “Master" should be around soon.

I’m here … :rofl:

Thank you, Jaco. Of all forums, this one is top-rated. A great group of people here.

And I am glad I can contribute to making people smile, laugh, entertain sometimes … or roll their eyes when stupid things happen sommer net because.

Don’t think anyone gets as angry, or laughs as hard, as I do at myself … sometimes … not always.

A big thank you for giving us this platform Jaco, to all the moderators and the posters for making the time to read and share info and thoughts.